Cat Exhibition 2011

I guest any kind of hobby can form a club. This weekend, Malaysia Cats Fancier Association (MCFA) held a 3-day Cat Exhibition at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.

There were about 50 cats on display for the competition, and they are inside the cage which post challenges of photographers.

I saw few visitors using their iPad (not iPhone) to take pictures. I think the cage is designed to block the 10″ iPad to be inserted inside the cage. šŸ™‚

My Olympus PEN also faced challenges because the lens was bigger than the grid. The most I can do is to use manual focus to ‘by pass’ the grill.

It is advisable not to use flash or focus-assisted infra red light. The light may hurt the eyes of the animal or boost their self esteem as a celebrity.

I was lucky to meet a friendly organizer, so I just followed him to take cat out from the cage and let me taking pictures.

After 3 days of tiring exhibition, some cats were sleepy or in bad mood.

Thanks to the effort by MCFA, it draws attention to the best practices and care should be attended to cat as a pet.

The organizer also thoughtful to provide free sanitizing lotionsĀ to the visitor to safe guard from germs if they were petting the cats.

I bet the show stirred up the interest of many visitors, “I want to keep one cute cat as a pet!!!!”.

If you wish to bring one home, the selling price range from RM100 to RM50,000. In the expo, there was a world champion Bengal cat. No joke that the best Bengal is in Malaysia. The cat in theĀ photo below is the Burmese breed.

I love cat and will definitely have a cat and a dog as pet (one day). As for today, I did not intend to spend RM50,000, so I take home many cats using my camera.


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