Fireworks @ community

The shortest fireworks that I had ever seen was on display next to my house just now. So I took a quick shot before it vanished within few blinks of my eyes.

Unlike the normal fireworks where viewers often see it from far. Just now I was literally standing besides the launch pad. It was too near and the fireworks would be vertically overheads. So I move 50 meters away in our community garden. The fireworks were still relatively large. These are some experimental shots as I am controlling 2 camera at the same time to see their effect. Many of my neighbours also walked to our community garden to view this special event (last less than 5 minutes, it took me longer time to setup the tripod).

I am not happy with any of the shots but it was fun to be able to stand so near to the launch pad and heard the loud ‘bang’.

Good night.


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