Sungai Tua and Batu Dam

It makes sense to call the dam behind Batu Caves as Batu Dam.


This dam is the main water reservoir for the population in Klang Valley. I am a quick stop over and saw some local family fishing. The kids in the picture above was actually in the image below, so you can get a better perspective about the size of this dam. It can hold more than 30 billion litres of water, yet Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are still shortage of water (due to our high consumption and wastage of pipe water).

During my short stay on-shore, I already noticed this group of anglers pulling up few cat fish.

My main goal today is to drive 150km round trip to eat Lor Mee at Ulu Yam (many Malaysians are crazy about food as I am). So I drove along Jalan Sungai Tua and made another stop over by the recreational forest (rest stop, need to pay RM1 for entrance).

Please forgive me on the shaky shots as they were hand-held shot. I like the shallow stream and canopy that provide many picnic spots for visitors.

The park has trekking trails and waterfalls, but I just stay at the entrance area (so that I can get out fast and aim for my lunch).

If you come by noon time, the parking could be full house, so do come a bit earlier (especially on weekends).

The are many chalets and resorts along the road parallel to Sungai Tua. One day I will bring my picnic lunch pack and have a nap by the river. It was surprisingly not as many mosquitoes or leeches as I expected.

I might encounter more blood suckers if I venture deepter into the forest, and I believe there are more interesting subjects in the forest.

I am pleased with Olympus Pen’s built in stabilizer that I could have some ok shots with long exposure (0.25 seconds) at ISO400.

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