Ulu Yam Lor Mee

Ulu Yam (Hulu Yam) is famous for its Lor Mee (non-halal), waterfalls and vegetable farms.

The one of the famous eatery is Swee Yen at Ulu Yam Lama. I ordered Lor Mee and Hok Kien Mee. Boy or boy, the portion is huge.

I loved the fruit juice (sour plum + apple + pineapple or mango). The fried fish cake was alright. I believe any famous dish is the soft shell tortoise. After over loaded with noodles, Christine and I need some exercise in the vegetable farm (near to Ulu Yam Bharu).

Ulu Yam’s farm produces large supply of vegetables to the Selayang wholesales market.

It takes lots of hardwork for farmers to grow and to take care of the crops. I saw many workers are foreign workers instead of local farmers in the farm.

Some farms practice organic farming and it is happy sign to see imperfect leaves.

The farms at Ulu Yam are mass producing same kind of vegetables. If visitor expects to see ‘garden’ type of orchard or farm with wide variety of crops, one could be disappointed.

‘Kang Kong’ (water spinach or morning glory) is one of my favourite, especially cooked with belacan shrimp paste.

There are some seafoods restaurents and fruit stalls along Ulu Yam Bharu town. I stopped by and bought some home (some fruits were produced in other states). The ‘blonde hair’ honey jackfruit (Nangka Madu) was sold 1/3 of the price as compared to that in Petaling Jaya.

I love cempedak but my wife won’t let me put this smelly fruit inside the car, so I could only take a picture home and hang it on the wall :).

The mangoes looked juicy but I doubt it was grown locally (see the newspaper trace on the mango).

These banana balls were sold at 10 pieces for RM1 (USD0.30). It is one of my favorite desserts, provided that the proportion of banana and flour is in the right ratio. The best banana for this dessert is the Pisang Emas (golden banana). I bought 10 balls and verdict was 1 star out of 5 stars. Anyway, they looked very tempting.


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