Futuromic Imaging Fair

When I was leaving the shopping mall (Sunway Pyramid), I saw many men (no ladies) carrying large SLR and big flash guns. Instinct told me that there must be some events going on. It led me to the Futuromic Imaging Fair, a small exhibition by few photography vendors.

If not mistaken, this teenage model’s name is Wafa Johanna de Korte. She is of Dutch-Malay parentage at age 17.

The tiny area was crowded with photographers. I didn’t bring my SLR and flash, so have to use whatever available to join the fun.

Without flash, the images became soft and blur.

It was still fun to snap a few photos.

The few models were all wearing the red shirt with the Futuromic’s logo.

To my opinion, the uncle in red looked ‘hotter’.

The photoshooting might have attracted many eye balls. The angry eyes behind the man could be his mother-in-laws.

So it was a good idea to always bring along a camera so that you have the license to shoot.

This promoter cum model had been very cooperative to the photographers’ demands to pose.

Next time I better bring along the flash, else ended up blurry shots like these set. On second thought, neeehhh. I rather shed the weight and be happy with available lights.

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