Deepavali Carnival 2011

This is the 10th Deepavali Carnival held in Brickfields (Little India, Kuala Lumpur).

During festive season, some Indian ladies like to decorate their hands with the henna or mehndi designs. It is very entertaining to watch the skillful drawing made within minutes.

The main street of Brickfields was populated with festive merchandizes. The bazaar attracted local folks who celebrate Diwali or Deepavali, as well as tourists who like to join the fun.

Most of the stalls are selling clothing like Punjabi suit, sari, churidar and many more colorful clothing.

Some stalls are selling traditional and modern accessories. It is a good place to shop for reasonably priced Indian style accessories.

There is no shortage of the religious items on sales, including Chinese Fengshui decos.

For many visitors, the variety of foods and snacks could be more attractive. The milky sweets are common scene in many food stalls.

I saw a few Chinese and Napali merchants taking the opportunity to promote their merchandizes.

The carnival offers great festive mood to the community. One little issue I noticed was that the stalls were blocking the walk way designed for blind people. Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) situates at Brickfield, so one can notice more blind people in Brickfield. The center is doing wonderful work to help the blinds to gain survival skill and to integrate with the society. I hope the organizer would consider the rights for the less fortunate group in our society.

I wish those who celebrate Diwali a happy Deepavali holiday.

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