People at Hanoi (Part 1)

The best place to meet and to interact with local people in Hanoi would be on the streets at Old Quarter.

There are still many people staying and trading inside Old Quarter.

For some, the golden years still shining bright by leveraging on the skills they acquired through the years. Before the days of Photoshop, artist like this gentleman could make you look younger with his artistic touch.

It was easy to notice many seniors were actively helping at the store front, or taking care of their grand children.

Able to earn from own skills and be independent is a good feeling. At golden age, keeping one’s mind busy is perhaps a good way to pass time and continue to integrate with the society too.

Senior members also play a vital role in keeping the culture and tradition alive. The influence of Chinese, Russian and French had on Hanoi (Northern Vietnam) were noticeable until today.

It is a treasure to have senior members in the family. A reminder to cherish their presence while they are still presence.

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