Pets @ Hanoi

Vietnam is one of the countries that has the culture to consume wild animals as food supplement, including dogs.

Luckily with the enforcement of the local authority, tourist (no local) is hard to see open selling of wild animals as food.

It is a sign of improvement that I only saw many people having Chiwawa as pet. Another interesting scene is no sign of stray dogs on the street (may be not in the city but in rural area).


I saw this lovely cat lying on books selling at the night market. If you are in Hanoi on Sunday, remember to visit the Hang Dao night market after 7pm. If you come early, there is nothing to see. The store setup punctually and all turn on the lights on 7m sharp.

The more popular pet in Hanoi is to rear birds. It is a common scene to see bird cages hanging in the front porch or trees. Hope the bird flue won’t strike again 🙂

Bird cages


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