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Coastal Road from Melaka to Tanjung Sepat

We drove along the coastal road from Melaka via Port Dickson and Tanjung Sepat, it was a slow and lazy drive (compared the the fast and boring highway). It was raining mostly the entire afternoon. I have a lucky break before the thunder storm approaching the Lover Bridge at Tanjung Sepat. A group of foreign workers (non-working day on Sunday) were taking time off to enjoy a friendly soccer match on the sea (literally).



Street Scenes in Melaka Town

Jonker street in Melaka Old Town has been slight over ‘touristy’, but if I focus on different subject, there were still plenty of happenings and silent scenes on the street.


Harmonious Religions

It is a common scene in Malaysia where one could see different kind of worshiping venues on the same neighbourhood.


Searching for Dragon in Sepang

Rumour has it the one can see dragon in Sepang. Not the dragon that spits fire or flies in the air, but the Red Dragon Fruit (Pitaya). 🙂


Colorful Melaka

When it comes to colours, the most striking place would be India. When I looked harder, I still could see colors everywhere around Melaka old town.


Artisans at Work (Melaka)

With the crowning as one World Heritage Site, Melaka old town is retaining existing and attracting new artisans to live in the town.


Wooden houses @ Melaka

There are many old wooden houses that could be more interesting than Dutch Square in Melaka.