Interesting food choices at Hanoi

One of the fun activities when I visit local wet market is to look for interesting food items.

Momordica Cochinchinensis

This is my first time seeing this strange food. The scientific name known as “Momordica Cochinchinensis”, local called it Gac in Vietname or 木鳖果 in Chinese.

The options of food choice are daring and interesting. These are some the local delicacies.

If you come late, you may not able to buy any.

How about a bowl of meshed tiny crabs? I met another lady having a big bowl, peeled the crab and eat it with salt.

This marinated vegetable was not trash, it was for sale.

The sliced fruit was left to dry on the main street, next to the garbage dump. You won’t know if these ingredients are part of the lunch served in the restaurent. So make sure you have strong stomach for adventurous food.

If you see these fish in the market, that is normal; but I saw the slaughering of these (surprisely live fish) along a busy main street.

It was really interesting to have the chance to see some different option of food sources and the way it was prepared. Hope you like Hanoi too.

Of course, the rest of the food choices were typical ASEAN style.  Vietnamese consumes a lot of rice noodles.


It was also interesting to tour the dry market and see all sorts of dry food.

Most of these stalls were specialize in specific food items, thus made it easier for shoppers to know where to buy.

On the dusty streets in Hanoi, there were plenty of stalls selling dried or preserved snacks. They were exposed under the smog and sun, so make sure you have strong stomach to handle street foods.

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