Architectural Feast @ Hanoi

French Quarter is a good place to see the interesting architectures in Hanoi. One of the oldest building is St Joseph’s Cathedral. It looks like the smaller twin brother of Notre Dame in Paris.

French Quarter Hanoi

If I revisit Hanoi in next 3 years, I bet most of the old shops would be disappear and to be replaced by modern shop front. Also every street have shops undergoing renovations, tearing down old buildings and tranform into shops that have no character. It is a common sad sight happending to many cities. The shops below were the typical tube house with narrow shop front (to avoid tax which was measure by the width of the shop).

I hope some of the private properties could be preserved as part of the heritage for future generation.

There are many interesting buildings with colonial and western influences. Museum of History is one of the practical building you can visit, firstly is to see the impressive building, and secondly is to see the collections inside the museum.

Next door is the famous Opera House.

Of course, there were plenty of temples in Hanoi and I will dedicate separate post for the temple. One interesting piece of architecture was the arch on Dinh Tien Hoang road, next to the Hoan Kiem Lake.

I am keen to visit the tribal villages in Northern Vietnam on next trip. In this short trip, I could only visit the Museum of Ethnology to have a taste of the tribal houses. The most spectacular outdoor display was the Bahnar Communal House, with 19m high ceiling and wooden stairs to climb up.

Tay house (from Dinh Hoa district) rests on high stilts, with roomy usable space. All the buildings in the outdoor display allow visitor to go inside, and can touch the display.

Museum of Ethnology is no doubt my favourite museum in Hanoi. The picture below was taken at Yao’s house (with Dramatic Art Filter).

Museum of Ethnology Hanoi


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