Kids at Hanoi (part 3)

I have shown you the outdoor wedding photography in Part 2 posting. The next logical step is to produce lots and lots of kids 🙂

Babies and kids are fun. They have 100% of the curiosity and excitement to explore the world.

First exploration is the taste of food. Mum got to feed the toddler well.

Then, it will be time to demand some entertainment. The picture below was taken at the Hong Da Sunday night market.

While walking on the street, I actually saw 2-3 years old kid playing with iPad2. There were many Bently, Porsche Cayenne, Lexus, BMW etc on the road (of course, still out numbered by the motorbikes), so one can see the economy in Vietnam is soaring as one of the dragon in South East Asia.

When the kid started to walk, may be it would be good time to travel and to see the world.

And soon parents have to plan their holiday around school holidays.

Or having school outing and outdoor fun.

Very soon, it is time to get a license (with helmet preferrably) to ride a bike to freedom.

Of course, being kid also have grow up pains. Worries about home work, girl friend, world economy, global warming … It is good to be kid when we are still kid.

Cheer up!


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