Museum Artifacts (Hanoi)

I am not a war history buff, so I did not visit the war museum. I prefer the more inspiring instead of the depressing history. My choice of museums in this trip include Museum of Ethnology and Museum of History.

Walking at the outdoor Museum of Ethnology, and visiting each house one by one was very pleasing experience.

We reached the museum before 8:30am, paid extra fees photography (note: my camera was the tiny Olympus PEN, so it was not considered as Professional Camera, fee the is cheaper for ‘point and shoot’ small camera).

We made the right choice of visiting the open-air musuem early in the morning. The sunlight was good and less tourists.

The museum displays more than 10,000 artifacts from 54 ethnic groups.

This ‘Thinker’ wood carving statue was part of the Giarai Tomb. It made me wonder if this was earlier than the famous ‘Thinker’ sculpture in Paris.

Indoor exhibits in the Museum of Ethnology has many other interesting showcases.

The indoor museum has 2 floors.

There was a section of the hall displaying contemporary exhibits.

I love museum that is photo-friendly. I don’t mind paying a small token to charge for photography.

It is a great way to promote local culturew and tourism to the world. I don’t understand many Malaysian museum still prohibits photo taking.

Museum of History is less interesting but still houses many valuable artifacts.

Go up to the second floor where the exhibits were more interesting.

Museum is also part of itinerary as Plan B if it rains or the sun is too harsh. The exhibits often told different story than the street scene.


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