Water Puppetry

The art of water puppetry is unique the Red River Delta.

One of the famous show in Hanoi city is Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, near Hoan Kiem Lake.

If you are not joining tour, it is advisable to buy or to book your ticket early to get good seats (front 1-2 rows).

It is common etique not to use flash but many unconsiderate audiences let their camera flash went wild. It was very disturbing to the performance. Just use a fast lens (or wider aperture like F2.0 or faster) that will do the trick. I was sitting on 5th rows and already struggling to avoid the head of audiences in front of me. If you sit on the back row 20+, you better bring a super bright zoom lens.

The art was practiced by farmers during harvesting. The movement of the puppets was controlled by long bamboo stick under the water, and with pulley strings to manage the minor movements of the puppets. The picture above revealed the puppeteers who were the real artists behind the water puppet show.

The entrance fee was reasonable (100,000 Dong, or RM15 or USD5). If you have nothing to do at night or during hot afternoon, it is not a bad idea to spend an hour to watch this unique performance originated from Northern Vietnam.

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