Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I have not been to Singapore since the opening of Marina Bay Sands on June 2010.

This week I was attending a conference near the riverfront, so I could take the opportunity to have a stroll along Marina Bay.

I have been to Sands Las Vegas and Macau, but this casino complex was even more impressive. At SGD8 Billion dollars, it was the most expensive casino in the world, even more expensive than Wynn in Las Vegas (USD2 Billion).

It was full moon and the location was really strategy. Now it has becomes the landmark of Singapore.

I did not bring any tripod so the night scene could be shaky. Anyway, I did not enter the casino because they don’t allow photography. I love the casino in Las Vegas, you can shoot what every you like because they are monitoring you on CCTV.

The shopping gallery has nothing but luxury goods, and suprising the X’mas decoration is poorer than other shopping mall. I won’t spend too much time here.

Luckily, there were 2 sessions of Water and Lights show at the bay area (8pm and 9:30pm). The performance is free and held in the bay overlooking to the Merlion.

Singapore is the second best place to see Christmas lights (after Hong Kong), so not surprisingly that the streets and malls have started the Christmas decoration. Early Merry Christmas to you, from the tropics.

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