Best coffee shop to have breakfast and lunch @ Penang

If you are in Georgetown (Pulau Pinang / Penang), even if your hotel includes continental breakfast, you should skip that and dine out at the local coffee shop. If you are nearby Pulau Tikus, Swee Kong coffee shop should be top of your list (who on earth name this area ‘Rat Island’? firstly it is not an island, second this place was not infested with rats).

The legendary (or the only one left in operation) claypot apom manis attracted many tourists. Some locals said that the quality had dropped as compared to the yesteryears. It is RM0.60 per piece, try it yourself and give your own rating. At least this apom stall uses charcoal and claypots, not the gas burner with steel pots.

Eat it while is hot and fresh from the claypot. Nice to go with hot coffee. I gave it 3.5 stars.

The five stars food was the prawn mee. The queue (mostly locals) was very long everyday and you have to wait for your turn. Do come early as it finishes early.

Another 4.5 stars noodle was the wanton mee. I never had any wanton mee liked this, with gravy on top. It tasted different but it was very good.

There were few other good food stalls inside Swee Kong coffee shop, such as Char Kuey Teow, Siamese Laksa (afternoon) etc. The rojak was ‘so so’ (1.5 stars), so as the coffee and tea (1.5 stars).

At the back the lanes, there are few more good food stall and busy market. Do walk around and have your stomack filled with Penang food. Just ask around and the proud Penangites will be glad to show you where the good local eateries were. It is very easy to find Swee Kong Coffee Shop (317-E, Jalan Burma), just opposite the Police Station.

Back to the story of the name Pulau Tikus (Rat Island). There is actually another small island off the coast named Pulau Tikus because the shape of the rock looked like rat. On the contrary to its interesting name, Pulau Tikus is actually up market place with many huge mansions and the expansive seafront condominums along Gurney Drive. Still, why call an inland place an island?

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