Kek Lok Si Temple (Part 2)

Kek Lok Si claimed to be the largest Buddhist Temple in South East Asia (Malaysians love ranking), so it attracted many local devotees and visitors.

There are many praying halls and altars to let devotees give their offerings.

Besides burning joysticks and candles, one of the recent practice was to hang the blessing ribbons.

with RM1 per ribbon, devotees could get the peace of mind (at least spiritually) on various aspect of life.

With donation of RM30, your name could be written onto a roof tile and be used as part of the construction materials.

Since not all religious temples or churches received financing from the government, it was common for devotees to donate financially to the development of temples.

2 thoughts on “Kek Lok Si Temple (Part 2)

    • Hi Andres, i remembered your XZ-1 and the coconut. I don’t have time to edit pictures, so I use a free software (Zoner Photo) to crop and add the borders (may be one day I will start using Lightroom or Photoshop). Most of the pictures I shoot in natural mode in JPEG. Those pictures you saw that have funny modifications, I used the built in art filters in Olympus camera (Dramatic, Pin Hole, Vivid etc.), and scenes (sunset, night mode). I normally use A-mode. use manual when I shoot macro (insects). Your XZ-1 actually has all the similar features, it is one of the best travel camera. Hope you enjoy your trip and happy shooting.

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