Sunset and Seafood @ Teluk Kumbar

Watching sunset and have your stomack filled with gorgeous dinner would be good. If the price is less than USD15 per pax, then it will be excellent. Penang has few good places like this, and definitely not on Gurney Drive.

The hidden spot was Teluk Kumbar, a small fishing village passed Bayan Lepas (airport) and on the way towards Balik Pulau (great place for durian).

There is a famous restaurant (Hao You / Good Friend, or Teluk Kumbar Seafood 公巴好友海鮮) on the beach front. If you are coming from Bayan Lepas direction, just watch out for the small sign board opposite the Yang Chang Primary School, drive behind the shop front through a narrow lane and it opened up with the sea view. Recommendation is to go ealier (5:30pm) and stroll along the beach, you can get parking and good seat (full house during weekend).

The signature dish is this transparent noodle with seafood (Tong Fun) in claypot. The fried garlic (whole garlic, not peeled) with cooking wine is excellent, eat while it is hot. Another ‘must try’ dish is the Batu Maung satay. Unlike Kajang satay, this version has no peanut gravy. It was good.

We ordered seafood and vegetables, and watching the sunset with sea breeze and sound of the gentle waves.

This restaurant has now become a popular dining spot for locals and tourists who know where to find great value food. Highly recommented (hope the quality could be maintained) as alternative to the seafood joints along Gurney Drive. You can dip inside the sea or walk the beach with bare food (do watch out for jelly fish and sharp seashells).


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