Walking up to Kek Lok Si Temple

There was new road constructed and tourists can drive up to the hill (half way or to the top). I still prefer the old way of walking up from the bottom of the hill, you will able to see more.

The long staircase was covered and filled with tourist merchant stores along the narrow lane. I used to enjoy the interesting ‘touristy souveniers’ when I was 10 years old, but not now (getting old).

You would pass by one green pond (filled with algae) and visitors could buy the Kang Kong (Morning Glory) to feed the tortoises.

At the entrace, you would be greeted by a row of beggars hunting on the sympathetic souls. On my returning way, the entire asle was filled with beggars, including few children.

Do pause and read some of the nice caligraphy carved on stones.

On the way back, it is recommended to stop by the wet market at the foot hill to try the famous Asam Laksa.

The store had been handed over to the new generation.

Penang’s Asam Laksa was nominated as the top 50 World Most Delicious Food by CNN (ranked #7).

This store at the wet market (Ayer Itam) below Kek Lok Si was the most famous Asam Laksa in Penang. One of the secret ingredient is ginger flower. The real secret is in the soup. Some may dislike the fishy smell but if you could overcome the barrier, you would soon falling in love with Asam Laksa.



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