Artisans at Work (Melaka)

With the crowning as one World Heritage Site, Melaka old town is retaining existing and attracting new artisans to live in the town.

Some of the skills are ‘sunset’ trades where younger generation is not willing to master.

This lady is the famous popiah skin maker. Don’t mistaken that she is not a character from X-file; her hand is not fused with the dough. The iron plate was burning hot but she has mastered the skills to make the paper-thin popiah skin using bare hand. If you visit the night market, you can find one popiah stall sold by her neighbour.

The best place to see artisans and people at work are not on the tourist street, but the less popular lanes.

The silver smith shop was situated right opposite of the popiah store. In fact, all the pictures above were taken in less than 20m distance on Jalan Kampung Kuli.

Along Jalan Hang Kasturi has few shops and interesting hotels. This is a good street to make shortcut to the river side.

We were lucky to see the ‘authorized’ grafitti artists making the sprayed painting along the river bank.

It was not easy to visualize while doing the detailed painting because the size of the painting was as large as the entire (rear wall) of the house.

The artist posed for me in front of his artwork.

On the tourist crowded street, other kind of artists were at work.

Batik Painting

This shoe maker is actually a art graduate. He and his wife do the artwork on wooden shoe with really nice painting. I loved his self-portrait post card of his family living in old town. Melaka has attracted many artists (local and foreign countries) to settle down in the old town, so one can see higher concentration of artists than other area in Malaysia. (Jalan Hang Lekir)

There were many other shops doing local businesses which are more interesting than souvenir stores.


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