Colorful Melaka

When it comes to colours, the most striking place would be India. When I looked harder, I still could see colors everywhere around Melaka old town.

The locals must have thought that I am mad to take photo at the water utility meters. Colors is in the eyes of beholder. ūüôā

The government and local authority were taking initiative to ‘paint’ the houses along the riverbank with grafitti artworks. This move had received mix comments from the locals.

If you visit Kampung Morten or local villages, it is easy to see many traditional houses decorated with colors both experiors and inteteriors.

The¬†picture above¬†was a typical girl room (not pink, but colorful), whereas the boy’s room will be in green or monotone.

Stained glass was often applied to the windows and porcelain tiles were used on the staircase.

For Chinese home, red will be the common theme.

The wise inhabitant knew the use of greenary to balance the color spectrum, else the eyes will be seeing RED all the time.

The weekend market along Jonker Street is another spot full of colors and smells (of food).

Night time is also a good time to take the river cruise (walk or cycle). The riverbank and some houses were nicely lit up at dusk.





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