Jungle in Melaka City

I would like to share some images of mystic creatures, pets and non-human objects in the middle of the crowded tourist town. Hopefully this woud give the reader a different perspective of Melaka old town.

Let’s me start off with the legendary brave “Kancil” that dare to defend against hunting dog. You could see the statues of few small kancil at the roundabout in front of the Dutch Square.

Strolling along the river side (renovated), one could see many potted plants. I found many birds, bees and …. lots of tourists.

The heritage town was buzzling with noise and hardly could find a quiet place for a cat nap.

No wonder this doggy was so agitated when it saw its own reflection from my camera lens.

There were other form of ‘big cats’ in Melaka, often found in Chinese temples.

In every temple, there was always dragon on the left and tiger on the right (facing out). There were many intricate statues made out of colored porcelain.

The other lion-looking creatures were the guardians.

Besides temple, lion heads could be seen on ancestral home and some shops.

There were fewnewly constructured brass statues in the little town square, dragon, bull, elephant and the muscle man (Datuk Gan Boon Leong). I don’t really find the square adding value to the heritage town (except for the public toilet).

I found the small shops have more things to see and sometimes surprised by their creativity.

If you are new to Melaka, spending one night over the weekend should be sufficient. Do walk on your own feet to really explore the narrow lanes. Sitting on the tour bus or trishaw would not let you see the different side of Melaka.


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