Wooden houses @ Melaka

There are many old wooden houses that could be more interesting than Dutch Square in Melaka.

These were not abandoned houses. On the contrary, people are living inside and fully functional. The picture below revealed the house above was in fact producing and selling wooden shoes (we bought one pair from the lady).

The side view revealed that this house could looked very different in its hey days. (I used Dramatic Art Filter in my camera to show the texture of the wood and building materials).

There are many more run down wooden houses by the Melaka River bank, but the local authority ‘covered up’ with hanging light (as a blind to the passing tourist boats).

If I visit again in next few months, many of these houses could disappeared forever from the scene of Melaka old town.

Under the “development” of heritage town (some like to tear down and to build NEW heritage buildings, instead of restoring), all these houses have to go.

I saw lots of beauty in the old architecture and design. This wooden windows was part o fthe St Peter’s Church compund (1710). No one will construct thi kind of design in new building anymore.

There were many nice mansions in Kuala Lumpur being torn down, the reason given was they were 90+ years old and less than 100 years old, so couldn’t be protected as heritage building (or some reasons like that …). I hope that in the journey of protecting the heritage site, the authority would really do their best in preserving the real heritage. To my personal opinion, it was a sad thing to cover the real artifacts buried under Padang Pahlawan, and built a modern high market shopping mall. As a tourist, I am not interested to buy Gucci bag at heritage town, or have McDonald in air-conditioned mall, I would love to see how the old Melaka really looked like.

In the next few years, one could only find these kind of wooden lamp at antique store in New York, as it may be replaced by neon or LED light.


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