Coastal Road from Melaka to Tanjung Sepat

We drove along the coastal road from Melaka via Port Dickson and Tanjung Sepat, it was a slow and lazy drive (compared the the fast and boring highway). It was raining mostly the entire afternoon. I have a lucky break before the thunder storm approaching the Lover Bridge at Tanjung Sepat. A group of foreign workers (non-working day on Sunday) were taking time off to enjoy a friendly soccer match on the sea (literally).

Everytime I bumped into magically moment like this, I have goosebumbs all over me. So I quickly took the shot (using Dramatic Art Filter) with my Olympus PEN. The game ended very soon because the incoming tide soon submerged the visible land, and the players all headed back to the shore.

I felt lucky to stop by momentarily at Tanjung Sepat. In actual fact, we stopped by many beaches along the coastal road, so it took us more than 10 hours from Melaka to Subang. To avoid heavy down pour, we hide out at the Ganofarm.

The oyster mushroom sold at the farm was fresh and cheap. The store also sells plenty of other products.

Since it was long weekend, the tourist hotspots were crowded with visitors.

Even the quite spot at Kampung Batu Laut also have few groups of photographers. It was raining, else the sunset would be spectacular at Batu Laut.

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