Street Scenes in Melaka Town

Jonker street in Melaka Old Town has been slight over ‘touristy’, but if I focus on different subject, there were still plenty of happenings and silent scenes on the street.

I have visited few countries and so far, my favourite places were the local markets and heritage walk in old towns.  Like this kind of drinking pub, it was really ‘legacy’.

pub in Melaka

On the weekend that we visited Melaka old town, we were lucky to encounter the filming of the Chinese New Year MTV in Jonker Street.

This MTV was unique whereby it will be shot at different cities across East and West Malaysia, with many locals making appearance in the MTV by with group dance. So wathc out on Astro (Malaysia TV channel) on Chinese New Year 2012.

There were few local artists performing and entertaining the crowd.

Danny boy at Melaka

On the next evening, China Press and Super (coffee) was having another road show in Jonker Street.

Besides the celebrities, local people and visitors also contribute to the interesting street scene of Melaka.

I like to see local doing running their daily lives in this tourist town.

It was always a good idea to start the photo-walk or your tour early in the morning, before the swamp of tourists attacking the street. You might have a chance to see more ‘unlikely’ tourist views.

During the raining season, it would be advisable to do as sight seeing before the thunder storm hits the ground in the afternoon.


I love to go indoor such as restaurant, museum or shops when it started raining.

Who knows I may end up buying Ancient Gucci bag.

The streets in Melaka old town were very easy to walkabout. You won’t get lost without a map.

Do pay attention to the details and creative showcase of many arts and handiwork. If hope you will enjoy Melaka town too.





2 responses

  1. These are wonderful photos. I especially like the trishaw driver and the last pic. Is that
    an illustration on a wall?

    December 3, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    • Hi Sharifah, thank you for your comment. The painting was actually an illustration of the artwork of Chinese paper cutting. In fact the whole wall was filled with many red-ink painting. You could find few interesting shops along Jalan Hang Lekir (On Jonker Walk, turn into the small lane beside Geographer Cafe). Cheers.

      December 4, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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