Detour to Kerian District

If time permits, I always prefers trunk road rather than highway. On my way from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, we decided to make a detour to Kerian District in Perak State.

It was high noon when we reached Kuala Gula. The strong sunlight was not condusive for photography, so we have a quick lunch (tried the crab fried rice noodle) at Soon Soon Lai.

Kuala Gula is famous for migratory bird watching. May be the next trip we could stay at Taiping or coastal rest house, and take a boat out to the mangroove swamp to watch migratory birds (year end is the peak season).

The bird sanctuary was closed so we just took a quick drive-through at the fishing village. Note that many of the land fills or roads were paved with clam shells.

clam shell road

The sunlight was so strong that every subjects were washed out. I have to use dramatic art filter to make the scene less ‘flat’. I don’t have HDR (and lazy to use tripod), so for lazy photographer, this is a snapshot of the fishing net hidden in the shadow with a very bright cart in the foreground.

The same filter applied in my camera to snap this clam processing (cleansing) fishery outlet. A worker was washing away the mud from the clams.

We took the coastal road and passed by Kuala Kurau.

The sun was so hot that we don’t want to spend longer than 5 minutes outdoor.

So we watched the processing and the making of salted fish. The bin of cat fish was just caught and delivered by local fisherman to the shop. The owner quickly cut and cleaned the fish, add the salt and ready to be dried under the natural oven (under the sun).

Kuala Kurau is much bigger fishing village than Kuala Gula. I think it is worth visiting Kerian again on my next trip. I have to visit the scenic kampung (village) road, passing by Tanjong Piandang and exit via Kampung Jawi to the North-South Expressway.

When I was a kid, my memory of kampung style drawing always have the wooden house, padi field and coconut trees. Ideally it should accompanied with blue sky, few white cloud, mountain in the distant background, and crow flying across the sky ……..

The view was so scenic but the lighting was terribly harsh. I tried one ‘dirty’ shot using dramatic art filter trying to record the interesting sky and padi field. It came out terrible but interesting. I definitely have to revisit these coastal town again at the right timing.

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