Chowrasta Market

It was about to rain when we visited Chowrasta Market in the heart of Georgetown.

There were many local stores managed by ‘authentic’ owners or cooks. If you like good food in Malaysia, then it is recommended to look for those stores with the original or inherited cook.

Uncle Lim Ah Hoe is the ‘superstar’ in Chowrasta road, you can see him making Poh Piah skin in front of his store (No. 5, Chowrasta Road).

Lim Ah Hoe Poh Piah skin maker

We were really lucky to have the chance to taste the poh piah and fried spring roll at his store. His family members are helping him during the weekend to sell ready-to-eat poh piah. On weekdays, you can only see Uncle Lim making plain poh piah skin.

Other merchants and hawkers were having great pride in the preparation of their best-selling dishes.

We tried some of the snacks from the street stalls, and they all tasted above average. I will definitely visit this crowded market again (at least on a brighter morning, the thunderstorm was approaching during my visit).

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