Christmas is near

I finally got a free morning to drop by the local shopping malls and check out their Christmas decorations.

All shopping malls have heat up the decoration competition. We need some snow to cool things down.

Rudolph seemed to be unhappy in 2011 because Angry Bird had stolen the limelight.

We visited few malls in KL this morning. The decorations looked like less interesting as compared to that in 2010.

There were live performance but not everyone could take it (just kidding).

Retailers continue to maximize the festive seasons to hypnothize consumers to spend, spend and spend more.

I always enjoy the colorful decorations during major festive celebration.

I wish those who celebrate the birth of Christ a peaceful holiday.

For those who join the holiday, do get good rest and ready to kick start 2012. The Chinese New Year of dragon is round the corner. I am interested to see how fast the shopping mall switch X’mas to CNY decorations.


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