Underwater Christmas and the Secret Garden @ 1 Utama

We went for the movie Arthur Christmas at One Utama Shopping Centre. It was an enjoyable movie (3 stars) for the festive season. Last year, One Utama (1U) had the very impressive replica of Christmas Village, with rows of 3 storey tall buildings.

This year, it went for a lower budget underwater theme, with tropical fish and mermaids (my wife told me later that those were ‘lady clams’, oh i see….).

I have never seen Christmas trees decorated with fish. It reminded me of the salted fish hanging for wind-dry or for sales.

The fairies or mermaids have color dresses.

I assumed they were (claim) fairies that could live in the underwater world, or mermaids without tail.

If you are visiting One Utama on weekend, do visit the Secret Garden on Upper Roof (UR level) at new wing.

This could easily be the nicest roof garden in Malaysia that is opened to public for free.

It will be a fantastic get away spot from the busy shopping crowd. If you have time, have a sandwich under the shady trees, and enjoy the breeze on the roof top.

I was surprised to see many fruit trees too, with papaya, passion fruit, banana etc.

Pandanus palm

There were also plenty of flora and rare species. Next time will be bring a macro lens to snap insects. This photo of the bug was taken with telephoto at 300mm, super-impose with another image using Zoner software to show you its colorful winds.

3 thoughts on “Underwater Christmas and the Secret Garden @ 1 Utama

  1. Wow.. Love the photo of the bug.. I’ve been to 1Utama many times but never went to the Secret Garden.. Haha.. Maybe too much in a rush to go to the garden.. But it would definitely be a good photo op there

    • Hi Bella, thanks for the liking the bug. I was struggling with it because of zooming in 300mm without tripod, so it was hard to get sharp images on the moving insect. Do bring along your macro lens (I regreted) if you plan to visit the Secret Garden on one of the weekend or holidays. It is closed on weekdays. Best time to visit would be morning or evening for better lighting. Cheers.

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