candidshots from walkabout

After visiting Masjid Jamek, we took a turn a walk to Dataran Merdeka. The Sultan Abdul Samad Building was blocked for motorsport event, so we have walk around the Merdeka Square.

Dataran Merdeka

I saw the hot air ballon with the shape of a telephone SIM card (by one of discounted call operator). Luckily my fingers were not sharp enough to cause any damage.

I just snapped along the way for any interesting scene. Nearby was a small park and the metro train (LRT) was passing by the tree tops.


Earlier in the same morning. We parked our car next to the H.S. Lee market in Petaling Street. It was nice to walk pass the wet market and chitchat with Dr Fish (who claimed to be the fish surgeon because he cuts open fish everyday) and the meat seller. The talkative duo were wearing the same fashion outfit.

This is the very rare, old and functioning wet market in Kuala Lumpur. Merchants in the market were friendly if you make friendly connection before taking photos. Most of them were very accommodating.

This was the window of a building. It must have been broken into and then the owner welded the crooked bars, plus a heavy brick wall. It makes next potential breakin attempt – ‘mission impossible 5’.

lesson learn

Here was one fo the candid shot for the day. Do you notice the spectacles of both person in this picture? They were concentrating in the prayer inside the Chinese Temple.

It was fun to shot without any purpose, just great stress reliever.

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