Laba Porridge Festive Day 腊八节

The footsteps of Chinese New Year are fast approaching, even before the arrival of Christmas and before 2012 New Year.

All the wholesalers in Petaling Street have started to move our Christmas trees and to replace with lanterns and dragons. I saw one decorative dragon selling at RM2,500. Imaging if you hang a few dragons at home, I would rather buy a few ipads to play animated slideshow of dragons 🙂

Petaling Street 2011

The Chinese temple at Petaling Street is celebrating 腊八节 (Laba Porridge Festve Day, Eight day of December in the lunar calendar, or 22 December 2011). So Chinese folks will eat porridge 腊八粥, and the temple offers the public to join the festive celebration. It was the day that Buddha was enlighten under the bodhi tree, and farmers also celebrate on the same day for good harvest.

The traditional of eating La Ba Porridge 腊八粥 is no longer popular in Malaysia. The local worshippers still do the normal praying at this popular temple.

May be I will make a change and just have normal porridge on 22 Dec, and learn more about this ‘lost’ tradition.

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