Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur

Last Sunday was my first time stepped into Masjid Jamek (Jamek Mosque).

As one of the oldest mosques in the city, Masjid Jamek had been one of the major landmark.

The mosque was strategically built at the confluence of Gombak River and Klang River (biologically dead river?). For thousands of commuters, Masjid Majek station is one the major LRT (Light Rail Transport, or metro/subway) interchange station. Visitors are welcome but dress code must be complied. For guys, it is better to wear long pant. There are gawns provided to ladies and men to cover exposed skin.

Masjid Jamid was constructed in 1909 by British Engineer named Hubbock. One could notice the heavy British India architectural style, with bricks and marbles.

The relatively small compound of the mosque has been surrounded by tall buildings.

Strolling inside the worshipping compound, one could still find the peaceful ambience despite it was located in the city centre.

The compound isn’t very large but I would highly recommend you to pay a visit. Unlike the mosque in Putrajaya, Masjid Jamek is less glamour but it has different feel, especially with the coconut trees in the garden (there is not many coconut trees inside Kuala Lumpur city centre).

There was a replica (model) in display at the Kuala Lumpur Gallery that gives you a bird eye view of the mosque.

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