Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We were heading to the Mid Valley Mega Mall to visit the Digital Camera Imaging & Media Show (2011), planned to pick up some accessories. I am glad I bumped into Pen Lovers Simon Leong and Robin Wong, and later more members. They are active members in Olympus PEN Lovers group. I would love to join some of the outings with Pen Lovers. It would be fun.

This reminded me in Las Vegas this July. A middle-east tourist approached me because he spotted my Olympus camera. He just bought a brand new E-5 and new with the menu. So we chatted and shared some experiences. It was different kind of bonding among Olympus owners, perhaps it was the fact that there are far fewer Oly users than the major brands. It was kind of like “Oh! There is another Oly user just like me. So I might not be that lonely any how (or idiot who does use the big brand).” 🙂

The post in this series and many others were taken with E-P3 and 45mm F1.8 lens. I didn’t use the flash thus you can see the shadow of the Lumix santarina’s eye lashes on her nose. 🙂

Anyway, these were just fun point and shoot shots. I really enjoy this lens. I think it was just made for Christmas bokeh backdrop, requires zero editing effort, so it is really a handy lens for PEN camera owners.

Just opened wide and filled in the background with dotted lights, the picture was automatically filled with Christmas mode.

I give this lens a five stars for bringing me joy in capturing the moments.

Goodbye to Xmas and welcome Boxing day. Ready to unbox any gadget? Have a good holiday.

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