Christmas Day @ Genting Highlands

I don’t gamble but I do enjoy chilly temperature (once in a while). So early this morning, I brought my family to Genting Highlands. The weather was chilly and misty, 16 Celcius outdoor.

There was no sight of Santa, except big crowd and few super heros.

There were plenty of scenes of punishments on the Path to Enlightenment. Not to be afraid as Superman also come to rescue as long as he could find a phone booth.


With the popularity of smartphones, it is kind of challenging to find any phone booths in Malaysia (there are a few at Victoria Stations, and one infront of the Smoke House in Camera Highlands). So the Y generation will not have superman or batman in mind when they need a hero.


I believe there is a new 3D ride based on Transformer has been put in place. If you don’t trust the western heros, Genting Highlands have a nice temple to bless everyone.

I don’t gamble nor play theme park games, so my typical visit to Genting Highlands only last for 2 hours. Enough time for a hot drink and a quick walk. On our way down from the highlands, we visited a pleasant stop-over outlet at the foothill.

The picture below was a 3 years old kid selling vegetables. She was very bright and talkative, and kept introducing the various fruits and vegetables to us, AMAZING. She was playing with her calculator, and whatever price she said was ‘half price’ 🙂

Behind her was the hydroponic farm with some vegetables.

Visitors can take the baskets, and pluck the vege (and pay). So it was kind of like self-service farm.

The farm also grow fresh strawberry and other crops. For a short while, I thought I am at Cameron Highlands.


We went home with few bags of oyster mushroom (3 bags for RM10). I think the farm is a good addition to the Genting Highlands experience.


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