Cocoon in the making

This was part 2 of the same caterpillar I found yesterday.

I found a small wasp (less than 5mm) hanging on to the tiny caterpillar. I didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity to compare Olympus PEN to the SLR (E-P3 vs E-5), using the same 50mm lens. The result convinced me that I don’t have to carry the heavy SLR for overseas trip.

You could notice the wasp moved, in fact both the caterpillar and wasp were moving slightly. A closer crop of the image to compare to compare the 2 different camera.

These were my practice shots. I was practicing holding flash on the left hand, and hand held the camera on my right. It was tricky because the depth of field was very shallow. Any slight movement would cause the image to be out of focus. I never knew that caterpillar’s legs looked like sea coral.

If I am not mistaken, the wasp was laying eggs inside the body of this caterpillar, and turn it into a zombie caterpillar. Below is the 100% crop of the look of the wasp.

Tomorrow I will follow up with my new ‘pet’ and show you the cacoon that never turn into a butterfly. It was really fascinating to see the macro world and practice.

Do bear with me as I am newbie in shooting macro. I will practice more and hopefully have some luck seeing more insects around.

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