Alien World @ Secret Garden

During Christmas 2011, I posted my first exploration of the Secret Garden. I learned my lesson and brought a macro lens to do some close-up shots.

1Utama Secret Garden (1)

There were not many insects in the garden. I was lucky to saw this dragon fly.

1Utama Secret Garden (5)

I was lucky to have good sunlight and filled in flash. The picture was taken held held, so have to take a few attempt to get one clear shot.

1Utama Secret Garden (2)

To some visitors, the garden may appear boring because there were more leaves than flowers. On a second thought, I think all plants are in general have more leaves than flowers or fruits.

1Utama Secret Garden (7)

Using the macro lens, I could explore the alien world hidden in the ‘secret’ garden.

1Utama Secret Garden (3)

It reminded me that we could have gone through live and missing many magical moments that are hidden in ordinary day.

1Utama Secret Garden (4)

I could stare for hours at the leaves. The shadow of the overlapping leaves resembles different country maps or contour of some objects. Life is really interesting when we pay a bit more attention to it.

1Utama Secret Garden (6)

I spent less than 2 hours on the roof top garden. It was time for have a quick lunch and headed for movie. It was a great idea that your wife can go for shopping and yet you can escape for a photo therapy session on the roof top. On my way out, I saw this big caterpillar hidden deep inside a plant. I have to ‘plant’ my head into the bush to get a glimpse of this big fellow.

1Utama Secret Garden (8)

If you like gardening or flora, do visit this free garden (while your wife is shopping). See if you discover more secrets on your own.

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