Dragon is coming to town

After the celebration of Christmas and New Year. Kuala Lumpur is all set to welcome Chinese New Year.

Year of Dragon Deco (2)

As usual, we took a quick tour to the local malls. Starting with Mid Valley Megamall. The theme was the art of Chinese paper cutting.

Year of Dragon Deco (3)

The impression was average, so I gave it 2 stars (out of 5).

The next destination was Berjaya Times Square. The mall aimed to set The Malaysia Book of Records – the biggest Cherry Blossom Tree (fake tree in Malaysia). The replica tree was 50 feet tall and held more than 300,000 blooming flowers.

Year of Dragon Deco (12)

With the extra attempt, I will give this decoration 4 stars (only for this fake but lovely looking tree, and not the rest of the shopping mall).

Year of Dragon Deco (13)

There was almost no special decoration at Low Yat IT Mall, so we dropped by Sungei Wang. The small center stage was having the theme ‘Springtime Grandeur’. That would be 2.5 stars (couldn’t beat the impressive live size village constructed by 1 Utama on Christmas 2010).

Year of Dragon Deco (5)

At the entrance stood a 35 meters dragon. This was the most ‘interesting’ dragon I ever seen. The dragon was made from 75,000 skewers (middle stick of coconut leave, local name is ‘lidi’). Some said it was creative and some thought it was hard to take a picture. The dragon scored 2 stars from me.

Year of Dragon Deco (6)

Lot 10 was the most disappointing (worse than Low Yat). Luckily next door has lion dance performance when we walked pass Fahrenheit mall.

Year of Dragon Deco (7)

The 2 lions were on the stilts dancing ‘happily’. Another pair of red lions were giving second performance. I would give Fahrenheit Mall 2 stars for its deco (I didn’t like the big flowers. It was not attractive thus I didn’t take any picture).

Year of Dragon Deco (8)

Actually each shopping malls have line up a series of performances and activities. If you plan to go to any of them, just check out their website for the agenda. We didn’t schedule our visit today so it was a pure luck.

Across the street will be the Pavilion KL shopping. Pavilion is having the ‘Majestic Dragon’ theme this year, with an impressive 600ft long dragon hanging above the grand hall. I gave this a 3.5 stars. I am expecting more dragons.

Year of Dragon Deco (9)

Like most of the shopping malls, there are plenty of artists and merchants promoting festive related arts, decorations and food.

Year of Dragon Deco (10)

As the weather in KL is getting hotter, it would be a good idea to seek shelter inside the air-conditioning shopping mall during high noon. Spending few hours looking at art works and sampling foods.

Year of Dragon Deco (11)

I visited Summit USJ last week. The crew were setting up the Chinese New Year decoration. I believe it should be completed by now.

Year of Dragon Deco (1)

If I am visiting other shopping malls, I will snap few more pictures and share with my fellow ‘weekenders’ who like outing. Let me end this post to wish everyone a peaceful and fruitful year of dragon.

Year of Dragon Deco (4)

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