Food @ Pudu Market

We went to buy Chinese New Year snacks from the wholesalers on Jalan Pudu.

Pudu Market (7)


Many popular CNY food items like the dried (waxed) meat, dried fruits and decorations were already on sales in the market.

Pudu Market (4)

I am more interested with normal food.

Pudu Market (6)

These roast ducks look very tempting and they did smell good.

Pudu Market (5)

I told this lady that her ‘Acar’ looked tasty. She replied me while pouring the chili oil into the pot, “Now it was nicer.”

Pudu Market (3)

The fish merchant was kind enough to hold up the cooked fish to ‘pose’ the sexy figure of the fish to the audience.

Pudu Market (2)

There was a section of the market selling Chinese herbs. This was the fresh ‘baby’ peanut plant that can be used as healing ingredient for herbal soup.

Pudu Market (1)

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