Friendly People @ Pudu

I found that 90% of the merchants and people at Pudu Market (whom I met) were photo-friendly. This seller is a photographer who recognized my tiny PEN camera.

Friendly Pudu (1)

By the way, I am not a photographer. I am a guy who like to travel and to eat, and who carries a camera to snap moments on my trip.

Friendly Pudu (5)

We woke up at 7am on this lazy Sunday. Normally we will head towards our local market. Since Chinese New Year is fast approaching, we thought of a change to visit Pudu area and to buy things for the festive celebration.

Friendly Pudu (7)

The trick is to greet people first and often they would respond positively. Especially if I greeted them ‘Happy Chinese New Year’, then they would pose for a photo.

Friendly Pudu (4)

The wet market was a ‘bit’ messy if you were not use to visiting wet market in South East Asia. Certain lane within the Pudu Market was a bit narrower as compare to Sadok Market in Kuching or other big wet market.

Friendly Pudu (8)

Luckily I brought along the wide angle 12mm m.Zuiko lens. It was ideal for the tight space (very often I am less than 1 feet from the foreground).

Friendly Pudu (2)

We bought lots of food and fruit, so on our way back, I have to snap photo with one hand.

Friendly Pudu (9)

Pudu market was more fun or photogenic than PJ Old Market or HS Lee Market (at Petaling Street).

Friendly Pudu (6)

This was the only uncle (pacik) who was too busy (so a bit serious) in the market. Overall, it was a fun shopping at the wet market (with a non-SLR camera).

Friendly Pudu (3)

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