Killing Field

Wet market is not for the faint-hearted people. Behind the nicely presented food on dining table, the ‘ending’ started in the killing field.

Killing Field (2)

Warning: don’t read further if you are a vegetarian or faint-hearted person.

Like any other wet market, there were plenty of scenes of merchants ‘preparing’ the meat on our table (if you a non-vegetarian).

Killing Field (1)

My hip was touching the edge of the chopping board. It was too close to have the scale of the fish spreading to my shirt.

Killing Field (6)

Any uncle (people called me uncle too) preparing Ma Yao fish (Threadfin) into slices. This fish is good when steamed with soya sauce.

Killing Field (5)

And Malaysian will know few dishes with ‘fish head’ in the name .

Killing Field (7)

The delegacy was the ‘field chicken’, name came from frog meat that tasted better than chicken. There were few merchants selling frog meat in Pudu Wet Market. The first treatment was to knock the frog on its head with a wooden stick.

Killing Field (8)

Frogs were then weighted to determine the selling price. Noticed the dark colour glove was actually red colour blood, soaking wet.

Killing Field (9)

Some use scissor and some use knife to cut off the head (while the limbs were still moving). It was dramatic. I remembered when I tried to play with one, the body-less head bit my finger. It was a cruel scene to be witnessed in open air.

Killing Field (10)

The cleansed bodies were sold on plate and the waste left on the ‘surgery’ table.

Killing Field (3)

May be it is better to be a vegetarian. The chicken next door were not happy either.

Killing Field (11)

One day (if not today), they would be ended up in the food chain.

Killing Field (4)

There is on going debate on how live stock could be consumed morally. As long as human continue to consume and to waste more food, the slaughtering won’t stop.

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