Taste of Foochow

A visit to Pudu (Kuala Lumpur) is incomplete without having the Foochow fish ball. One of the best (or the best) Foo Chow noodle and fish ball is at Pudu, Taste of Foochow Restaurant.
Taste of Foochow Restaurant (5)

We were lucky to meet the owner Mr Wong Tai Hoh. This was my first seeing him because normally the shops were run by his son during weekdays. He was making the Foochow Oyster Pancake (without the Oyster).

Taste of Foochow Restaurant (4)

Mr Wong was kind enough to explain to us the background information about this snack.

Taste of Foochow Restaurant (1)

You can hardly find this snack in Kuala Lumpur. It could be true that this restaurant is the remaining Foochow restaurant that still sell this pancake (only on weekend).

The skin was made from ground rice and yellow bean. The filling was minced pork and prawn, with vegetables like mushroom, seaweed etc. Mr Wong said the traditional pancake has oyster in the filling.

The pancake was fried to golden colour and best eaten while it was hot.

Taste of Foochow Restaurant (2)

The pancake was sold at RM1.50 a piece. On a good day, one may have to queue for an hour. We were lucky to reach the restaurant early and able to eat the freshly made Oyster Pancake. The other famous dish of the restaurant is the Red Wine Chicken Noodle.

Taste of Foochow Restaurant (3)

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