8 days to Chinese New Year

Traffic around town will be congested during the last few days before Chinese New Year. Many people are rushing for last minute shopping.

1Utama CNY2012 (3)

We went to One Utama Shopping Mall at BandarĀ Utama this morning. The decorations were recycled from Christmas underwater theme.

1Utama CNY2012 (5)

The primary color for Chinese New Year is RED.

1Utama CNY2012 (4)

The second popular (for commercial reason) is gold color.

1Utama CNY2012 (2)

Air-conditioned shopping mall remains Malaysian favourite past time venue during the hot noon.

1Utama CNY2012 (1)

I am here for another reason. These guys have something to do with it.

1Utama CNY2012 (6)

If you put 20 lions dancing with 9 dragons, and added with 24 drums, that would be a spectacular scene not to be missed. Click here to see the actions.

1Utama CNY2012 (7)

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