Drum as the essence of Chinese Culture

Drum is an important musical instrument as well as an essence of Chinese culture. So performances and music related to drums are inevitable during Chinese New Year.

Drums (4)


Drums (8)

Drums (1)

I did not expect to witness this exciting performance when I walked out from MPH bookstores (again, bought many books during sales).

Drums (7)

At Mid Valley (shopping mall), there was also 24 Seasons drum performance at the Centre Court. So I have double luck this Sunday.

Drums (6)

Yesterday, I just saw similar performance at outdoor carpark (1 Utama). The indoor 24 seasons drum has less room to move about so they performed with less movements.

Drums (2)

I am glad to see young people and even other races learning this cultural art (it probably does more exercise than golfing).

Drums (5)

Hoping to see more cultural performances in the during 15 days of Chinese New Year. I would be at Cambodia and perhaps able to see if there is any Chinese celebrating year of dragon.

Drums (3)

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