FGS Dong Zen Temple

We have been visiting Dong Zen Temple (佛光山东禅寺) for its famous New Year lantern garden consecutively in the past few years.

Dong Zen Temple (7)

The temple is having the opening ceremony by religious and political representatives tonight. To avoid the large visiting crowd, we arrived earlier to ensure good parking location and also see the decorations before sunset.

Dong Zen Temple (1)

To save money (good idea), many of the plants like orchids were recycled (in fact, they blossomed more attractively this year).

Dong Zen Temple (2)

There were few other new decorations to fit into the dragon theme.

Dong Zen Temple (3)

While waiting for sunset, it was good to visit the temporary food court to enjoy the vegetarian foods, or to visit the art gallery.

Dong Zen Temple (14)

The entrance is free and very educating.

Dong Zen Temple (15)

Crafts and arts related the dragon theme were on display.

Dong Zen Temple (16)

All devotees would visit the grand hall to pay respect to Buddha and receive the blessing.

Dong Zen Temple (12)

Many first time visitors were enjoying taking pictures inside the peaceful praying hall. The walls were filled with carving depicting legendary and stories related to Buddha.

Dong Zen Temple (13)

The lighting ceremony on the first day (21 Jan 2012) was kind of late, around 8:30pm. Any few lanterns were not lit successfully due to technically. It was understood challenges because of the sheer size of the decorations (all done by devotees and volunteers).

Dong Zen Temple (4)

The theme this year is “Heavenly Blessings & Protection”. (龙天护佑)Dong Zen Temple (6)

If you like to take photos, remember to bring a tall tripod. There would be tons of people walking right in front of your lens during the long exposure.

Dong Zen Temple (5)

One great idea was that the temple is promoting is recycling. So this LED wall was made from recycled water bottles.

Dong Zen Temple (8)

The new section of the garden were filled with many little monks and dragon themes.

Dong Zen Temple (9)

The lantern monks were cute after lit up.

Dong Zen Temple (10)

If you have few hours to spare on an evening, Dong Zen Temple could be one of the options. It is easy to find maps on the Internet for the route.

Dong Zen Temple (11)

Happy Chinese New Year 2012.


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