Shopping @ Siem Reap

Siem Reap is not famous for shopping.

shopping at Siem Reap (5)

The town center is relatively small and have very few malls or shops. So most of the tourists will do their souvenir shopping at the markets.

shopping at Siem Reap (3)

As usual, I didn’t buy any souvenir. I bought one handmade cotton scarf from the Little Angel workshop to support the kids. I don’t really need a scarf living in Malaysia. I do find a use for that scarf after seeing the local men wearing scarf to swipe sweats and to shield against the scorching sun.

shopping at Siem Reap (2)

There were crocodile farm in Siem Reap. I heard because too many crocs died, so the farm has been exchanged hands to merchant who sells leather goods.

shopping at Siem Reap (6)

The Siem Reap Zoo had been closed down too due to poor management.

shopping at Siem Reap (1)

All the shops were selling identical goods. If you walk past 10 stores, you have seen the rest of the hundreds.

shopping at Siem Reap (7)

Many so called jewellery shops (tiny stalls) were selling (they claimed to be) genuine gemstones. I wondered if the stalls have thousands of gigantic rubies and sapphires (and in fact the stones looked very fake), they would be already filthy rich. Even some gold or silver could be just plated on the surface and cheaper metal inside. I could be just guessing and it was hard to tell because I am no expert on jewellery.

shopping at Siem Reap (4)

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