Apsara – the Celestial Maiden

Too many! Simply too many Apsaras flying around at the temples of Angkor.


Apsaras are the female figure dancing on the cloud, heaven. They are young, beautiful and all having S-curve figure. No wonder the king like to go to ‘cloud nine’ after life with these maidens.


Inside Angkor Wat, these few Apsara figures were well polished (upper body) after millions of tourist’s hands run over them.


Their slender noses were the most vulnerable to erosion. Large quantity of the figures have flat fallen nose.


I personally found the hairstyles of the Asparas very amusing.  The carvings were done more than one thousand years ago, but they looked so modern and ‘in’. My first impression of them were “Sailormoon” action figures.


Apparently, every Apsara looked different. The following Apsara was the only one smiling with visible teeth.


The most intricate carving of Apsara has to be those found in Banteay Srei Temple.

Apsara has now been commercialized. Many spas, shops, merchandizes carrying the name of Apsara.


Many restaurants offer the Apsara dance performance. P1291614

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