Dawn & Dusk @ Angkor

Since there is nothing much to do at Siem Reap besides seeing ‘stones’, watching sunrise and sunset become a standard itinerary for tourists. We woke up 3:30am and reach the sites before 5am for 3 consecutive days.

Srah Srang


The sky condition was not optimum but at least it was not raining. On the third day, the weather was overcast and cloudy. At least we have a chance to see the ‘egg yolk’ at Pre Rup during sunset.

Pre Rup 1

Zoomed into the ‘egg yolk’ hanging on top of the tree. It felt like sunset on safari. Smile

Pre Rup 2

2 of the pictures in this post were taken with tripod, the rest were taken handheld.

sunrise at Angkor Wat (2)

I tried using the ‘sunrise’ mode and have fun with the sun.

sunrise at Angkor Wat (5)

The scene setting cause saturated orange tone to the picture. It gave a ‘plastic’ feel to the picture.

sunrise at Angkor Wat (6)

We started when it was total darkness. Lesson learned:

a) wear long sleeve and long pants to avoid mosquito bites. The morning breeze could be chilling.

b) bring a LED torch light. Luckily I had torch light function from my mobile phone.

c) you can order a cup of coffee or tea, and get a free seat for few hours. Go for coffee instead of tea (the tea taste very diluted).

d) bring a tripod if you don’t mind the extra kilogram. You can use handheld except before the sunrise.

sunrise at Angkor Wat (1)

When the sun emerged, handheld can take reasonable picture too.

sunrise at Angkor Wat (4)

If you come by 6am, you could be standing behind few hundred tourists, or have to look for different view point.


I should learn and practice how to shoot sunrise and sunset. There are more professional technique than my point and shoot style.

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