Ta Prohm

This temple was made famous by Angelina Jolie’s movie Tomb Raider. I remembered this temple from literatures and photos, not because of the temple, but impressed by the massive snake like roots that swallowed the ruins.

Ta Prohm

This temple was built in 1186. One of the carving shown the image of a dinosaur. Would that hint that dinosaur might have existed in the dense jungle just one thousand years ago?

Ta Prohm (5)

The kapok trees were invading (still growing) the temple.

Ta Prohm (10)

From many aspect, the roots system indeed looked like serpent coiling on top of the galleries.

Ta Prohm (8)

A closer look on the root (like scales of the snake).

Ta Prohm (9)

Even the Apsara has been fully swallowed by the tree/snake, with only the face barely visible.

Ta Prohm (2)

Management of the park placed barrier to prohibit tourist climbing onto certain part of the temple.

Ta Prohm (1)

The giant trees in Ta Prohm gave visitors the wild imagination of what could be the incredible scene when the French explorer first discovered the lost city of Angkor.

Ta Prohm (4)

We were the second group of tourist reaching the temple, so you don’t see many ‘tourist bodies’ in front the scene.

Ta Prohm (7)

Visit to Angkor often left tourists with the impression of rocks, big rocks, and more rocks.

Ta Prohm (6)

Ta Prohm added trees, big roots, and more roots to the impression.

Ta Prohm (3)

Ta Prohm is definitely 1 of the top 5 temples that you should visit in Angkor Archaeological Park.

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