Children @ Siem Reap

We saw many street kids in Siem Reap. They were no different from the street children and child labours we met in India.

Siem Reap Children (8)

Many of these kids quit school and help their family to earn money on the street.

Siem Reap Children (12)

There were no shortage of luxury cars like Lexus, Benz, Camry, on the road, but these people were out number by the street kids.

Siem Reap Children (4)

Many kids have become the victims of tourism.

Siem Reap Children (10)

Due to the civil war, there are large number of orphans in Cambodia. Luckily there are few charity projects in place to help these kids to learn heritage skills to be independence on day. I met this 16 year old kid at a workshop. The piece of rock carving will be sold at USD5,000, and hopefully all the fund will be used to finance the operation and the teaching.

Siem Reap Children (1)

May be it was due to malnutrition, the kid looked like 10-12 years old to me.

Siem Reap Children (2)

It was a good deeds to have workshops like this to teach street kids and orphans money making skills like dancing, weaving, carving, cooking and foreign languages.

Siem Reap Children (3)

There were plenty of ‘mature’ kids who learn to take up responsibility to help household chores and to look after younger siblings.

Siem Reap Children (9)

Siem Reap Children (6)

Siem Reap Children (5)

Despite the shortage of material wealth, the kids could fine simple happiness with small little things, like catching fish or chasing dogs. In many richer country, kids were spoilt with gadgets and toys. They will throw away iPad2 when iPad3 comes to the market.

Siem Reap Children (13)

I hope to see Cambodia remains peaceful and have growing economy. More kids can finish higher education.

Siem Reap Children (11)

Best wishes to all the street kids.

Siem Reap Children (7)

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