Preah Khan – Holy Sword

Jayavarman VII built Ta Phrom for his mother, and Preah Khan for his father.

Preah Khan (3)

The temple remained largely unrestored with ruins.

Preah Khan (7)

Like Ta Phrom, giant trees were slowing swallowing the building.

Preah Khan (4)

The sacred sword or victory sword may has to do with the King’s victory on Champa. It signified the kingdom protected by the holy sword.

Preah Khan (1)

Near the center of the compound was the Hall of Dancer, with four courtyards.

Hall of Dancers

The outer wall of Hall of Dancers. Buddha statues on top of the apsaras have been destroyed by anti-Buddhist.

Preah Khan (5)

This temple has very long and narrow corridors. You could play hide and seek in amidst the maze. The photo below has light shining from the open roof to the Stupa.


This temple was a sanctuary that house more than one thousand monks. So there were plenty of statues and images about meditation.

Preah Khan (8)

Preah Khan Temple is my #5 site to be visited at Angkor Archaeological Park.

Preah Khan (6)

The site is now under the restoration by World Monuments Fund. There is an PDF report proposed to restore and to protect Preah Khan. This site has great architectural and historical significance as compared to other sites within Angkor.

Preah Khan (2)

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